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The jalapeño popper has an interesting history that combines elements of Tex-Mex cuisine and Mexican culinary traditions.

The snack we now know as the jalapeño popper has deep roots in Mexico. Its flavor profile is similar to that of the traditional Mexican dish called chile relleno, which dates back to the 1800s or earlier.

Both the jalapeño popper and chile relleno share a delightful combination of creaminess and spicy heat.

In the 1950s, snack-sized stuffed chiles began to appear in the United States. Import stores in Texas advertised a canned Mexican product consisting of “jalapeños stuffed with cheese, sardines, red snapper, and shrimp.”

By 1960, newspapers were already running stuffed chile recipes, including instructions for filling jalapeños with ingredients like ground beef, chicken, turkey, ham, or grated cheese.

This period coincided with the rise of Tex-Mex cuisine, which became popular further north of the border. Spicy components, including stuffed jalapeños, became beloved comfort food during this time.

Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, stuffed jalapeños started appearing in newspaper recipes, restaurant ads, and event listings.
Initially, the fillings varied, with some recipes even calling for tuna fish salad dressing mix. However, experimentation eventually led to a more consistent recipe.

The exact origin of the name is unclear, but it gained prominence in the 1990s.
A food company in Wisconsin filed a trademark for the term “jalapeño popper” in 1992. However, the name had already been appearing on bar menus across Middle America.
Bar menus, like the one at the Time Out Lounge in Owensboro, Kentucky, featured jalapeño poppers among assorted tasty freebies served at the Kentucky Derby party.
The jalapeño popper’s journey combines Mexican influence, Tex-Mex comfort, and a dash of creativity. Whether roasted, fried, or wrapped in bacon, these spicy treats continue to be a favorite appetizer!