Chili Mango & Ginger Conserve Sauce

Chili Bee Sting Honey Sauce

Chili Habanero Jam

Chili Ballistic Sauce

Chef Kenny's Aussie Smokin' Hot Sauce

Chef Kenny's Carolina Reaper Liquid Lava

Chili Harbanero Heaven Dippin Sauce

Chili Citrus Classic Dippin Sauce

Chili Mango Madness Dippin Sauce

Chili Kiwi & Mint Combo Dippin Sauce

Chili Wicked Soy & Wasabi Dippin Sauce

Chili Bhut Blowout Dippin Sauce


Blairs Death Sauce

Blair's Death Sauce w/ Skull Keychain

Yes folks, its Caliente!! (hot)


Green Enchilada Sauce

Green Chile Enchilada Sauce

A very different flavour than red enchilada sauce. Far less acidic In New Mexico even Maccas puts green chiles on their burgers. They are that addictive!


Red Enchilada Sauce

Red Enchilada Sauce

The traditional Mexican food staple. I add a tablespoon of brown sugar to smooth it out.


Mole Rojo, Teloloapan paste


Mole Rojo, Teloloapan paste 

Red mole sauce pre-made and easy to serve.  Chicken and Mole pictured above (pronounced 'molay'), are a great combination.


Tapatio Sauce

Tapatio Sauce 

Add to your meats, soups, noodles, etc.  A delicous sauce. 


Velentina Salsa Picante 

A hot sauce with a citrus taste.  Add to your snacks.


Mole Verde 

Used in the making of tamales, enchiladas, and occasionally eggs at brunch. 


Cholula Salsa Picante 

A delicious hot sauce.  It brings sensational new flavour to soups, ranch dressing, steaks, chicken and more.



Cajeta Envinada 

Thickened syrup made from sweetened carmalised milk.  Perfect for crepes!


Cajita Quemada 

Caramel topping perfect for Mexican desserts.



Aji Amarillo Paste

One of the most important ingredients in Peruvian cooking. Comes out of the jar very hot to the taste but mellows when used to cook.