Birds Eye Chilli , whole dried, packet

6/10 for heat. Traditionally used in curries and sauces.


Crushed Chilies

Chili, Crushed with Seed, dried, packet

Great to sprinkle on food, pizza, and spice up meat dishes.


Ancho Chili

Anchos, whole dried- packet 

4/10 for heat. This is a dried Poblano chilli.A slightly liquorice flavour.


Arbol Chili

Arbol, whole dried - packet 

6/10 for heat. Used in most Mexican dishes.


Chipotle Chili

Chipotle, whole chili - packet 

5/10 for heat. This is a smoked and dried Jalapeno pepper. Common Mexican ingredient , gives a lovely smoky flavour.


Guajillon Chili

Guajillon, whole dried - packet 

5/10 for heat. A deep rich flavour, good for making sauces.